Page URL not defined message since upgrade


I just upgraded to v1.10.1. I use the tracking code provided with no changes. Since upgrading when I go to actions->pages I get:

Page URL not defined 2208 578 0% 0s 0%
store 14 14 83% 7s 79%
bio 4 4 100% 0s 100%
/artists.html 2 1 0% 1 min 36s 100%
/taino.html 1 1 100% 0s 100%

Apparently piwik is not reading the overwhelming majority of my urls. What can I do to fix this?



Hi Ruth,

I got the same problem with the same version.

Within the debug mode I’ve located the Problem at line 786 in piwik/core/Tracker/Action.php:

Line 786: $url = Piwik_Common::getRequestVar( ‘url’, ‘’, ‘string’, $this->request);
Line 787: $url = urldecode($url);

In my case piwik got the encoded url from piwik.js and can’t verify that as valid url. So I inserted Line 787 and it works for me.

Good Luck,


Thanks, debugging Javascript is beyond my abilities but tweaking it is something I can usually do. I will give it a try.


Thanks you for debugging and submitting this code suggestion.

I am a noob to Piwik, but have just installed this on a Joomla 2.5 site, with a Joomla plugin to add tracking code.
When I viewed the visitor log, I too saw the same message and thought it maybe to be with Joomla, however, I followed your advise and added that line of code, uploaded to server and refreshed the visitor log page and bingo!! URL is now displayed.

Perhaps this code should be added by the team.

Great work and thanks.