Page title report with average visit duration, unique visitors and pageviews? - Matomo Cloud

Hello together,

is there a standard report in Matomo with average visit duration, unique visitors and pageviews for Page Titles in Matomo Cloud? Unfortunately I couldn’t find such a report (in Page titles under Bevaviour average visit duration and pageviews is missing) and the problem with a custom report is that we only save the raw data for 90 days due to our terms of use.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Gamsbock
I don’t understand, because these values are available:

Average visit duration = AVG TIME ON PAGE
Unique visitors = UNIQUE PAGEVIEWS
Pageviews = PAGEVIEWS

If you encounter other issue on the Matomo Cloud environment, you can also ask our Matomo support by email…

@heurteph-ei, thanks for the response! I was not aware that unique pageviews equals unique visitors and average visit duration equals avg time on page