Page title report – same page title show up twice


I the page titel report under behaviour > page title

How come that the same page titel appears twice?
Since it is the exakt same title shouldn’t it only appear on one row?

Hi @Hoji

Depending on your configuration (action_title_category_delimiter in configuration file), sub rows are the following of main row… In your example, I suppose there is 1,316 page views with title starting with Samhällskunskap 1a1, 50 poäng / Hur styrs Sverige? / but with text following, and only 68 page views with title exactly Samhällskunskap 1a1, 50 poäng / Hur styrs Sverige?

Note: In your screenshot, the bottom of the table seems missing… :thinking: (then I cannot sum pageviews to get the aggregation values and check if my assumption is true)

Hi Philippe!

It adds up correctly when I sum it up. Appreciate your respond and answer. :slight_smile:

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