Page refresh count?

(Tassoman) #1

one user asked how to understand how many visitors landed a website’s homepage with a meta refesh html tag, then he would count how many refreshed page view there are

Assured we have a meta refresh url=/my-page.html?refreshed=true, how can we calculate this?

I’ve tried adding a segment, based on the full url with GET parameter. Is it correct? Is there a different way to calculate this inside the “All visitors” segment?

Before this we tried using the pk_campaign metric but didn’t helped. Because of missing referrer, I suppose.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,
yes you can use URL url=/my-page.html?refreshed=true and then in Pages > Actions report you can see both the normal loads and the refreshes.

Or you can also set a custom variable “refreshed” to 0/1 depending if it’s set or not.

(Tassoman) #3

I gave a test run with refreshed=true GET parameter in different pages, so that in “Actions” tab and “Pages” screen my-tracked-page.html appears on a different row than my-tracked-page.html?refreshed=true. Flawless, nice application (tu)

cheers :)-D