Page Overlays not working

I’m looking into analytics for a client that uses your services, and when trying to use your overlay feature, for every page I try it on I get the following message:

"You are attempting to open Page Overlay for the URL “http://—urlhere—.com/”.
None of the domains from the Piwik settings matches the link.

Ask your administrator to add the domain as an additional URL."

What does this mean and how can we resolve it? I’ve tried a few fixes I’ve found sprinkled in the forums such as turning ad blocker off and thus far can’t get it to work.


At first check the most obvious thing:

Is http://—urlhere—.com/ included in the list of URLs, when you go to the “Manage Websites” Administator page?

Hey there,
I cannot see the administrator section, perhaps I was credentials for a lesser account?

That’s not the actual url, I’m hiding the url for our client’s web page. I would assume their home page would be added?

In that case I’d ask the administrator to check the setting.

Tip: You can use the .example TLD (https://company-website.example). That way it is a valid URL, but guaranteed to newer resolve to a real site.

Hello, we are getting our administrator to resolve this issue.

Can you provide instruction on how to add websites so that the page overlays work?

All other analytics seem to be working, just not the overlays.


You can find help here:

Thanks! None of that however discusses how to ensure a url is on the list responding to the error message “Ask your administrator to add the domain as an additional URL.”

For this you’ll just need to check “Administration” -> “Manage Website” as in my screenshot above.

So I can tell the administrator what to do (I don’t have admin access but have been asked to provide the admin with how to do it) what do you do once at that page to add new pages?

You edit your website and check the second textarea, which should list all the correct URLs.

Okay, so I should tell them to go to “Administration” -> “Manage Website” and then check to ensure their website URLs are in the second text area on the page?

And if they are not there to add them?

Can there be more than one url there?

Could my above question be answered please?


It is hard do make a remote diagnosis without more details. You could just try out adding all URLs your website is reachable from into that input field.