Page Overlay shows bubbles on just a few link elements


we recently added Page Overlay functionality to our website, only to discover there are merely a handful of bubbles being attached to link elements on the page (three bubbles with percentage statistics on the homepage, to be exact).

After investigation, we noticed that bubbles only attach and display on ‘a href’ element tags, while we mostly use data-url attribute on various elements, to redirect to subpages.

Considering written above, I have the following questions:

  • Is there a configuration available, allowing us to attach bubbles on custom elements (such as ‘div’ with data-url attribute, for example) ?
  • Can you confirm that indeed only ‘a href’ tags are supported for bubble display on Page Overlay feature. And, if so, is there an improvement or update of this feature to ever be expected

Thanks for your answer and best regards

Hi @klemen
If we look at the Page Overlay reference:

Page Overlay displays the actual website and puts bubbles next to the links on the page that show how many visitors clicked the link:
When you hover a link, the target URL is shown in the lower right. Also, you can see the absolute number of clicks and how many links point the the exact same location.

first, kindly thank you for your answer.

However, that’s not what my question was. I understand how Page Overlay feature works. The problem we’re experiencing is that bubbles only display on two or three links across entire page. That’s because we only have a few links implemented using ‘a href’ tags. Consequently, we’re guessing that. Page Overlay displays bubbles ONLY on ‘a hrefs’. But most of our links (for which we need click statistics) are implemented using JS redirections, with ‘data-url’ parameter attached on elements.

In short, we have dozens of links across our page, that we get no stats for, and one or two with bubbles displayed, which we don’t actually need.

Best regards

Hi @klemen
It was indeed a part of my reply, as:

definitively says it only works on hrefs, but not on data-urls…

Maybe a workaround could be in a script that transforms data-url to href when the page is included in a Matomo iframe…?

Thanks for your answer.
Guess we’ll have to start thinking about workarounds :slight_smile: