Page overlay not working - do I need a later version?


We are using Piwik Community version 2.14.3.
The latest Piwik Community version is 3.0.4

The page overlay function was working when I last checked on 25 May, then it was no longer working on 31 May.

The other reporting is working. When I choose the page overlay report the left hand nav just reads “Loading” and the error message “The server refused the connection” shows in the part of the page where the intranet page with overlay usually sits .
Can anyone assist?


Are you seeing any error in the JavaScript console or in the network tab of your browser’s developer tools?

Is there any reason you aren’t updating to the latest Piwik version?

Thanks for responding Findus23.

I just went into the page overlay report page to inspect the elements and it’s working today. If it fails again I’ll be sure to check on the areas you recommended to work out what is going wrong.

We haven’t updated because last time we updated we lost our historical data and could only collect stats from the update onwards. Do you know if this is still the case?


That should never be the case. But to be sure you can make a full backup of the database and rollback if something goes wrong.

Thanks Findus. I’ll look into it further and plan our move to latest version.