Page Name not defined


Thank you for this great program, it is far superior to Adobe Omniture, which I inherieted from another web programmer.

I have been following the documentation and all was working well as I was able to track page views a certain way. I was successful in tracking the page views in this manner. I have torn thru the code and the databases still confused. I have turned on the debugger as well.

The first example is a working example that works perfectly! (click on a video in the scroll)
Here is the site:|%202943143%20|%20Peach%20County%3A%20Equipment%20Operator%20|%20index&idsite=1&rec=1&r=237473&h=11&m=6&s=11&

However when I created a new website to track (siteid 6) This is where I get the “Page Name not defined”:|%202943143%20|%20Peach%20County%3A%20Equipment%20Operator%20|%20index&idsite=1&rec=1&r=237473&h=11&m=6&s=11&

For some reason I can’t seem to get this particular action inserted into piwik_log_action?

Thanks in advance.


Correction: this the debugging link to failed code:|%20Quora%2C%20Inc.%3A%20Infrastructure%20Performance%20Engineer&idsite=6&rec=1&r=123305&h=11&m=3&s=7&

Ok, next enable debugging as explained here: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

then open this URL that does not trac. What message is printed in the response?

Thanks, I think that might have come up with somthing.

I have been sucessful in tracking page titles on the few sites:
such as: or (These urls are inputed in as in website managment)

This is the response that I get from a successful page view:
this is not a Site Search request)
Action is a PAGE_URL, Action name = Black Weekend Update March 15, 2014, Action URL =

However the website that has been giving “page name not defined” is the following: Digital Media Communications, Inc. (This is the also entered in as the URL in website management)

Notice the K=ban.

When I debug that website:

Detected Site Search keyword ‘ban’.
NOTE: The Page URL was changed / removed, during the Site Search detection, was ‘Digital Media Communications, Inc.’, now is '
Action is a SITE_SEARCH, Action name = ban, Action URL =

I’m think that somehow my k=ban is triggering piwik site search feature. So when I turned off site search it worked! I will reviste this issue if I choose to work with site search someday.

In the meantime, thanks for maintain Piwik, because I don’t know if you have ever had the misery of working with Omniture (Adobe), but I assure there is no greater HELL!

Hopefully this will help someone some day!

we have never worked with Omniture. We are just building the solution we like to use ourselves, and of course we get a lot of feedback from the huge users community :slight_smile: thanks!