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Thank you for this great program, it is far superior to Adobe Omniture, which I inherieted from another web programmer.

I have been following the documentation and all was working well as I was able to track page views a certain way. I was successful in tracking the page views in this manner. I have torn thru the code and the databases still confused. I have turned on the debugger as well.

The first example is a working example that works perfectly! (click on a video in the scroll)
Here is the site:|%202943143%20|%20Peach%20County%3A%20Equipment%20Operator%20|%20index&idsite=1&rec=1&r=237473&h=11&m=6&s=11&

However when I created a new website to track (siteid 6) This is where I get the “Page Name not defined”:|%202943143%20|%20Peach%20County%3A%20Equipment%20Operator%20|%20index&idsite=1&rec=1&r=237473&h=11&m=6&s=11&

For some reason I can’t seem to get this particular action inserted into piwik_log_action?

Thanks in advance.



Correction: this the debugging link to failed code:|%20Quora%2C%20Inc.%3A%20Infrastructure%20Performance%20Engineer&idsite=6&rec=1&r=123305&h=11&m=3&s=7&

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Ok, next enable debugging as explained here: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

then open this URL that does not trac. What message is printed in the response?


Thanks, I think that might have come up with somthing.

I have been sucessful in tracking page titles on the few sites:
such as: or (These urls are inputed in as in website managment)

This is the response that I get from a successful page view:
this is not a Site Search request)
Action is a PAGE_URL, Action name = Black Weekend Update March 15, 2014, Action URL =

However the website that has been giving “page name not defined” is the following: Digital Media Communications, Inc. (This is the also entered in as the URL in website management)

Notice the K=ban.

When I debug that website:

Detected Site Search keyword ‘ban’.
NOTE: The Page URL was changed / removed, during the Site Search detection, was ‘Digital Media Communications, Inc.’, now is '
Action is a SITE_SEARCH, Action name = ban, Action URL =

I’m think that somehow my k=ban is triggering piwik site search feature. So when I turned off site search it worked! I will reviste this issue if I choose to work with site search someday.

In the meantime, thanks for maintain Piwik, because I don’t know if you have ever had the misery of working with Omniture (Adobe), but I assure there is no greater HELL!

Hopefully this will help someone some day!

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we have never worked with Omniture. We are just building the solution we like to use ourselves, and of course we get a lot of feedback from the huge users community :slight_smile: thanks!