Page layout got completely messed up

Hi, I don’t know when I noticed this first time, so I don’t know what caused this
(the last thing I remember having done was to exclude an IP), but now the page
layout of piwik has gotten completely messed up. For example, the login page looks
like the attached file.

Could anyone help me please?

maybe you have Adblock or another browser extension enabled?

see: Piwik reporting UI doesn't have any css style or, the menu text appears on a white background, or I get JavaScript errors in the Piwik UI. How to fix this display problem? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Mee too. No adblock. Just formated the desktop. The same problem.the css style do not work or something.

I don’t have adblock, or similar browser extension. Furthermore, max_execution_time in my php.ini was 30, I augmented it to 60, restarted apach,
and the problem persists. Any idea on what is going wrong?

Can you post the URL to your piwik login form here (or PM)

Hi I am also facing this issue. the css is not loading at first and the on refresh second time it is loading, can you guide me how to resolve this issue. it happening regularly. please check the screenshot.


If you look with developer tool in your browser, do you see a response for the CSS request?

Yes. In my mozilla I have one tool in the developer button “Style Editor” it open an half an window below my page with CSS.php. and some red writings.

Can you look for a request URL that contains “action=getCss” and see if there is a response for this request?

I have just log in to my piwik and press the depanator and the press the style editor. It appear an window in the bottom of my mozilla page with an index.php in the left and a blank in the right.

P.S. The red writing in my other post was from another page to see if it works.