Page generation time: how it is defined and determined?

I want to understand the meaning of Page Generation time reported by Piwik Visitor Log.

Is it measured on the server or on user’s computer?
What are the events used to measure it? (I.e., from which event to which event is it measured?)

In particular, does it include round-trip time between the user computer and the server?

Thank you very much in advance for any clarification.

This value represents the average amount of time it takes to load a page in your website and includes both the time it takes for your webserver to generate the page, and the time it takes for your visitor to download it. it is measured on the client browser using the Timing browser API

I would also like more detail on this. In particularly - how does Piwik handle async communications in this timing tracking? If we load up our Angular app, the GUI is immediately presented, while in the background some services are still loading data for use elsewhere in the app. Then there is a map - when the user is using the map he/she is generating requests to the servers to get more map data just by panning. Is each pan telling Piwik that something is happening, or slowing the time it seems that it takes for a page to finish loading… especially if a user starts panning before the page is finished.

Thanks for clarifying how Piwik handles async communication in tracking generation!


In Matomo 4 the page speed tracking capabilities will be greatly improved! Stay tuned. This was done in