Overflowing navigation topics


I’ve defined to many targets for the UI of PIWIK. So they overflow the navigation. It would be nice, if overflowing navigation items will be in a dropdown-list.

Until that it is quick and easy to set the following css-property:
.nav li ul {overflow-y: auto;}

People with firefox or chrome can use an extention like stylish to do that on their own.


Thanks for the proposal! can you please post a screenshot on how it looks for you with many goals? if it looks OK I would be happy to make the change in piwik CSS :slight_smile:


It’s just a little scrollbar on the right side, if there are another line of links. So you can scroll the lines with the bar or the mouse wheel. If there are not to many targets defined (e.g. there are less links), there are no scrollbar. I have tested it in a new version of Firefox and Google-Chrome. Older browsers who don’t understand “overflow-y” should ignore the CSS3-specification.

At this moment the second line of links breaks out of the navigation area.


That’s nice. It hink an even better solution would be to have the menu “Push” the report below, rather than hide the Goals list. Since it can be useful to see the full list to allow easy browsing. what do you think? is there easy css fix to push reports & calendar below menu?

I guess, there are no way – that means, I don’t know any way – to build this feature only by using CSS, because there exists no conditional statements in CSS. “Overflow” just told the browser, how to handle scrollbars. I guess a feature like this has to be developed by using javascript.

Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with the sourcecode of piwik to estimate this.


Edit: To move the rest of the page under the navigation down, I guess it’s necessary to change the “position: absolute;”. But that belongs to the whole positioning of the other pageelements. To repeat it: Unfortunately I am not familiar enough …

this should be fixed in 2.0-beta 301 Moved Permanently