My site is set up for external links to be called via a script, which logs the link out in a specific format on my server, and that script generates a page with a meta refresh to the actual link.

Links look like this:


I have piwik’s outlink tracking working even though the links to be tracked point to my local server. I do this via the class=piwik_link “cheat” inside the link.

This causes this to show up in the outlinks section, under a heading of http://www.ammonow.com:
/cgi-bin/out.pl?site=am… 1
/cgi-bin/out.pl?site=am… 1
/cgi-bin/out.pl?site=am… 1
/cgi-bin/out.pl?site=sp… 1
/cgi-bin/out.pl?site=am… 1
/cgi-bin/out.pl?site=am… 1

I have about 5 sites that I am really concerned with how many visitors I am sending, as this is a big part of the business model of this site. The out.pl script does the official logging, but I’d love to be able to see an at-a-glance of this data in piwik also. It might also be important to know that I am linking to specific pages in these websites with multiple variables presented in the url, as you see in the example above, I have replaced the ='s and &'s with ^^^^^ and !!!, which out.pl reconstructs.

Is there a variable I can define in the link (or anywhere, its all custom code) to get piwik to display more relevant information in the outlink box? I’d like to pass title=nameofsite or something such as that to get nameofsite to show up in the outlink box instead of the name of my own site, then click to expand that and see the /cgi-bin/out.pl?whatever links.

I know my method of using a meta refresh might be a little silly, but I am definately open to suggestion on a better way. The only requirement is that I can still log the outlinks in the format I need to on the server.

Thanks in advance!

The implication is you have to fetch information from the destination so that you can add this to the logged information.