Outlinks appears to be missing the segmented visitors

Hi, we used to use the outlinks capability to determine what functionality people use on our portal which links to many other sites. The current version doesn’t display them, we simply get a friendly “There is no data for this report.”

I am able to query out the data I need from MySQL directly, so I know there is data. e.g.
SELECT DATE_FORMAT(lv.server_time, ‘%m-%d-%Y’) date, la.name url, v.user_id, COUNT(*) visits
FROM piwik_log_link_visit_action lv
JOIN piwik_log_action la ON lv.idaction_url = la.idaction
JOIN piwik_log_visit v ON v.idvisit = lv.idvisit
WHERE la.type = 2 AND name LIKE ‘%reports.%’ AND lv.idsite = 1 AND lv.server_time > DATE_FORMAT(NOW(),’%Y-01-01’)
GROUP BY DATE_FORMAT(lv.server_time, ‘%m-%d-%Y’), la.name
ORDER BY lv.server_time DESC

Is it possible to get back in the UI, or is it gone for good?


Must have been a bug, they fixed it in the latest version.