outlink/ href="tel:+123456098" in the html anchor


Recently a user of Matomo for 1 week now (Wow, I am still speechless by the quality)
I saw in the /Behaviors/Outlinks/ that Matomo does not count the telephone link
like this type of link <a href="tel:+631234567890"> (Notice the tel:+xxxxnumber, a bit similar as mail: )
Which allow people browsing the website on their phone or tablet to call us directly from the website.

I still have my dual tag StatCounter /Matomo for comparison (before a remove StatCounter)
And with StatCounter in their “exit Link” they take in count this type of link which allows me to know how many people call us from our website.

So it’s a feature I would like to see on Matomo in the “Outlinks”

Thank you for reading
And thanks a lot for Matomo (Yes Wowww again!)

(Lukas Winkler) #2


Some time ago I wrote a small script that tracks clicks on tel: links as events.


Thank you, Lukas. You were very helpful.

I don’t know a thing about jQuery,
but after some search/help :wink: here is a javascript for those who do not use jQuery.
see below …

  document.querySelector("a[href^='tel:']").addEventListener('click', function (e) {
    _paq.push(['trackEvent', 'contact', 'called this phone number', this.href]);

But still a question/asked feature
Will Matomo implement something like that without the end user to trick the code?
Just curious

Thanks again, Lukas for your help