Outgoing proxy configuration

How can I configure our outgoing Proxy which comes in the following Format:

host = http://< hostname >:8080/wpad.dat
username = < Domain >< user >
password = < Password >

I was not able to get it working with the proposed Settings:

host = ; Proxy host: the host name of your proxy server (mandatory)
port = ; Proxy port: the port that the proxy server listens to. There is no standard default, but 80, 1080, 3128, and 8080 are popular
username = ; Proxy username: optional; if specified, password is mandatory
password = ; Proxy password: optional; if specified, username is mandatory

Thx & Regards


I have no idea about proxies, but my guess is that if the password is an empty string, it should work if you use password = ""

I have to set a Password, my typing was somehow deleted, corrected it now.