Outbound link click tracking does not work in Chrome, Safari & Opera


When Outbound links are clicked using Google Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers, the click does not get logged. After further investigation I found that it is not able to send the click occurred request to the server.

I have already started using PIWIK on my critical live project and this issue is a problem for me…

If some one can help it would be of gr8 help… Till them I will investigate too… Thanks in advance…

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If you’re using Piwik, try using this version of piwik.js: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/export/3717/trunk/piwik.js

Then, check the click handlers on your page. Make sure they don’t explicitly return a value or otherwise prevent propagation/bubbling of the click event.


Thanks vipsoft can you just provide the un-obfuscated version of the same piwik.js…


Hey Vipsoft prb I was too early to respond to you… Actually the js that you provided did not solve the issue on the chrome, safari and opera browsers…
I am trying to track the clicks on a basic html page and there are no explicitly returned values or any prevented propagation/bubbling of the click event done… please suggest…

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We can only help you if you’re using Piwik. OWA is a different app.


yes I am using PIWIK I just mis wrote OWA sorry abt that… :slight_smile:

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pm the url to your page so I can look at the html


its not live yet but I can post my code over here,
Also please note that I am using PIWIK 1.1.1 and no modifications in the core PIWIK files are done yet…

" class="goalClickClass" id="2" >Advertiser 1
" class="goalClickClass" id="3" name="3">Advertiser 2
" class="goalClickClass" id="3" name="3">Advertiser 3
" class="goalClickClass" id="3" name="3">Advertiser 4

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I just tested your example (changing only the url and php code), and it worked with ff3.6, ie8, and opera 10.62.

What versions of safari, chrome, and opera are you using?


I re-tested with some different versions of different browsers. It works like a charm on FireFox 3.6.13, IE7 and IE8, Opera 11.01. But I face following issues on the below mentioned browsers.

Chrome 9.0.597.84 :- Does not perform the tracker action(sending 0 pixel image request) some times. I mean interestingly not all the outbound clicks are tracked…

Safari 5.0.3 :- None of the outbound clicks are tracked.

I am using widows operating system…

Thanks a lot for you responses… :slight_smile:

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Ok. I’ll dig into a bit more.

But for greater cross browser compatibility, you should put the enableLinkTracking() just before the end of the body.


thanks a lot, let me know whether you were able to simulate the issue… In the mean while I am also looking out for solutions…

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This is a webkit bug. The workaround is to set the anchor element’s target attribute to open the outlink in a new window or tab, eg

<a href="url" target="_blank">Advertiser</a>


Thanks for the reply vipsoft I will check that out…