Our Matomo codebase is running the old version 5.0.3 and we have detected that your Matomo Database has already been upgraded to the newer version 5.1.0

I did not do any update and now I see this.

I can’t update to 5.1 because multiple plugins don’t work

Can i revert the database to 5.0.3?

Hi @bb0x88
You could try this solution:

You could also try to update the DB version via:

UPDATE matomo_option set option_value = '5.0.3' where option_name = 'version_core';

I suggest to be less radical than what is described there:

Not sure about the result you’ll get :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :thinking:

I reverted the database to backup of the previous version and now get this message:

The following plugins are not compatible with Matomo 5.0.3 and could not be loaded: CustomReports , FormAnalytics , LoginSaml , MediaAnalytics , Provider , QuickExcludeVisitorIP , Swagger , UsersFlow , WooCommerceAnalytics .
You can update or uninstall these plugins on the [Manage Plugins]

Where do i go from here?

There is no option to update plugins, only uninstall them, but if i try and uninstall I get an error

I am using the admin user

Hi @bb0x88
Going back to your inital message: Which plugins are not compatible? Can’t you disable them? Maybe it could be easier than reverting back to previous version.

If you still want to revert, maybe you can copy plugins sources of compatible versions?
I see you use some Premium plugins, don’t hesitate to ask for help to support team by email, at least for these plugins…