Organisation Not Showing


Hi All

I’ve been using Piwik for around 6 months and really like the system compared to most others that I have tried.

I recently purchased the GeoIPOrg.dat database from MaxMind and Installed it as per the instructions.

Under Settings > Geolocation, I can see a message stating “Note: This GeoIP implementation has access to the following types of databases: City, ISP, Organization” so I’m assuming that the databases are installed correctly.

When viewing the Visitor Log, I still only see the Provider as being the ISP name not the Organisation name.

I know for definite that the site has had visitors from Organisations with matched IP addresses as I also have Lead Forensics installed, which is showing Organisation/Company Names.

Any advice on how I can get the Organisation Names to show in Piwik would be greatly appreciated.

I’m running Piwik version 2.4.0

Regards Lee


Piwik combines the ISP and organization information since they are often the same (at least when coming from the GeoIP databases). If there is a provider but no organization, the provider is shown. If there is an organization but no provider, then the organization is shown. If there is a provider and an organization, and they are not the same, then they are both shown as “ISP - Organization”. For example, “Xspedius Communications Co. - Galaxy Microsystems”.

If you’re getting different results w/ Lead Forensics then it’s possible they use something other than GeoIP.

To test whether it’s GeoIP providing different information, you can enter some IP addresses here: GeoIP2 Database Demo | MaxMind and compare w/ what you see in Lead Forensics.


Thanks for the update, I’ll run some tests directly at maxmind.