Orders also in card abandonments

I use woocommerce analytics (4.0.5), self-hosted, with the WooCommerce Matomo Analytics plugin for wordpress (1.0.19).
For page tracking, I installed the javascript code in the header.php file of my child theme.
Everything works well.
Except one thing: in Matomo’s E-commerce logs I see that the orders appear, almost always, also in card abandonment (same IP address…as you can see here: [https://i.imgur.com /QPyIO4f.jpeg](https://i.imgur.com /QPyIO4f.jpeg)). This is often only a few minutes apart (the time for the customer to finalize his order…).
This obviously completely distorts the reports (the E-commerce summary integrating the visits followed by sales in the abandoned baskets)
Has anyone had this problem before?
How to solve it?