Ordering of sites in Multisite plugin

(ebourqui) #1

The ordering of sites in the Multisites listing is a bit off once more than 20 sites are tracked.

I am tracking 22 sites with Piwik. Two have titles that start with A (we’ll call them A1 and A2), and the other 20 have titles starting with C-Z.

The initial view shows sites C-Z, in ascending alphabetical order. Clicking on Next shows A1 and A2, in ascending alphabetical order. These (A1, A2) should be shown at the top of the first screen, while the last 2 of C-Z should be on this second screen.

Also, the text at the bottom reads “1-21 of 22”, when in fact it should read “1-20 of 22”

(ebourqui) #2

Ok, answered my own question, a patch that seems to be working is below.

in /plugins/MultiSites/templates/common.js

the .reverse() in:

displayRows(allSites.reverse(), params);

caught my eye, why did it need to be reversed when the sort order was already specified? Of course, this works when there are < $limit sites to display, but it explains the behavior when there are > $limit sites.

Also, the “1 - 21 of 23” is fixed, can someone verify this fix on a site that has < 20 sites?

--- common_ORIGINAL.js    2010-02-18 23:12:06.740830000 -0800
+++ common.js    2010-02-19 00:35:18.918321000 -0800
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
         allSites = limitBy(allSites, params);
-    displayRows(allSites.reverse(), params);
+    displayRows(allSites, params);
     showPagination(allUnsortedSites, params);
     params['sitesVisible'] = allSites;
@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@
     var start = (params['page'] - 1) * params['limit'] + 1;
     var count = allSites.length;
-    var end = parseInt(start) + parseInt(params['limit']);
+    var end = parseInt(start) + parseInt(params['limit'] - 1);
     if(end > count) end = count;
     html = '<span>' + (start ) + ' - ' + end + ' of ' + count + '</span>';

and in plugins/MultiSites/Controller.php, change:

protected $order = ‘desc’;


protected $order = ‘asc’;

However, when the table headers are clicked on, the green arrow indicating sort order is now incorrect. I’ve taken a look at the sort function and it looks correct, but there is some sort of disconnect between sort order and arrow indication.

(ebourqui) #3

It appears to me that the green arrows indicating sort order are reversed?


points up and


points down.

If these are reversed, the green “sort order” arrow points the way I expect it to (up for ascending, down for descending)

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

please post your patch (once tested) in the ticket for the MultiSites plugin, ie. http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/1077

(aymenbnr) #5

it seems that the problem was solved,i was having same thing ,i can’t limit number of websites, style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif