Orange: Oops… problem on admins Dashboard

Okay i’ve Googled and found two topics about this.

One very new topic said something about Apache and memory like this one.
Apache problem.

And the other topic was a few years old and telling a person to view the error file.

How can i view some error files?

I would like to know what’s going wrong and how i can get Piwik to work perfect.
Just for the record it’s a fresh installation on a NEW domain!
Only 23 visits on the page. Still learning.

Error logs mean “webserver /apache error logs” which would contain the error and explanation that caused Piwik to fail to load widgets and display “Oops” message. You can ask your webhost if you dont have access to the logs yourself (usually you would have access)

Thank you for the help…

I think i found it and downloaded a few files but have no idea if it has anything to do with it.

This is when i installed WP and tested some files on access.

Inside tis Acces_log there are 45 lines of errors i just post the a few with something Piwik inside.

I think the 1st and 3rd + 2nd and 4th are the same problem only different time.
And i also have a few of the last once. (images)

Don’t know what it all has to say so if somebody could help me what to do?