OptOut function in an extra file



please change the function for “OptOut” from the index.php file to an extra file …





Because it is then possible to use htaccess for secure piwik and allowing only the files: piwik.js, piwik.php and the example file optout.php!


Is that possible in new version? :slight_smile:

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Not possible sorry. Maybe you can put your htaccess rule matching “action=optOut” and it should work


Hi there,

I´ve seen some discussion around also this topic about it, but there still seems to be no way to do it. matt said that “maybe” changing htaccess would work, but I could not find a way for it to work. So if anyone has any info regarding that, it´d be greatly appreciated.
On the one hand users have to have an option to optout, on the other I do not want to rely on the login safety alone, but have it protected additionally by htaccess.

Thanks and regards