OptOut doesn't work


The optout function does not work in any browser anymore (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.).
The “piwik_ignore” cookie will be set, but it will still be tracked.
Is there a general problem?


Can you reproduce the issue on Privacy Policy - Analytics Platform - Matomo, or only on your instance?

Is the cookie set for the correct domain?

The Piwik/Matomo OptOut is not perfect. When you track more domains with one Matomo, then the bowser must accept third party cookies, when a visitor will make a OptOut on a another domain as the Matomo is installed.

The curiosity is, that a OptOut don’t needed a tracking tool. The GA and the Matomo OptOut but needed your own software for this. This is not realy OK.
The even crazier is that GA and Matomo will never offer completely independent opt-out optiona. But that’s the best there is.

I have create a simple and better OptOut here with DNT detecting: