Option to view and purge error log

(Bjarne Oldrup) #1

Thank you for a wonderful tool!

One thing… From time to time, my “System Check” fails, due to an existing error_log file.

I open my FTP client, deals with any issues listed in the log, and removes it afterwards. Then my System Check is all green again.

It’s hardly an issue, but I still find it odd, that I have to login via FTP to check the error log.

So I politely suggest, a built in error log viewer, with an option to purge… Alternatively, an option to mark the log as “read” so it doesn’t trigger warnings in the System Check.

I really like all the green checkmarks, gives me a comforting warm feeling.

Have a splendid day :smile:

(Lukas Winkler) #2


I’m pretty sure this error_log file isn’t created by Matomo, but by your server host. As you don’t have full access to their server, they copy your PHP error log in the FTP folder.

Could you try adding 'error_log', to this list (config/global.php) and see if this error disappears.

Of course you then would get an error that config/global.php has been changed, but if it works, I think this could be added globally as this isn’t that uncommon on shared hosters.

PS: If this file is in the same directory as Matomo, can you check if https://your.matomo.example/error_log shows the error as that file really shouldn’t be public.

(Bjarne Oldrup) #3

Thanks for the clarifications and suggestions :slight_smile: Now, I wasn’t clever enough, to take note of the single error logged, before removing the logfile, and during the last three days, no new log file has been created.

The file WAS in my matomo folder, and I don’t THINK it was visible to the public (therefore the FTP login to view it), but I’m really not sure.

I’ll save this post for future reference, and do some more digging if new log file is being created :slight_smile:

THANKS for an awesome product.