Optimizing Matomo for Website Analytics: Any Best Practices?

Hello everyone,
I’ve recently started using Matomo for website analytics, and I’m keen to ensure that I’m making the most out of this powerful tool. I’m interested in learning about any best practices or tips for optimizing Matomo’s setup and configuration to ensure accurate tracking and insightful reporting.
Specifically, I’m curious about:

  1. Recommendations for configuring Matomo tracking code for different types of websites (e.g., blogs, e-commerce, corporate sites).
  2. Strategies for setting up goals and tracking conversions effectively.
  3. Tips for managing large volumes of data and ensuring smooth performance.
  4. Any advanced features or plugins that can enhance the analytics capabilities of Matomo.
    If you have any insights, experiences, or resources to share on optimizing Matomo for website analytics, I’d greatly appreciate your input!