Opt-out on one site affects all other sites



We use Matomo on our server for a number of websites, all running on the same web server. Our problem with the opt-out cookie is that it does not seem to be site-specific. So if a user chooses not to be tracked on one of them we will lose them on all websites. Is there a way to include the website URL or Matomo site ID in the opt-out code?

Thank you.

(Sasa) #2

Same thing here, would like to know how to opt-out from just a particular site, not all on server…

(Fabian Dellwing) #3

This is currently by design.

But there are ideas that may change this.


This morning I received a reply to a support request I had sent earlier via email. Matthieu Aubry from Matomo wrote this:

“Correct. Currently, there is no other way to opt-out than on all websites.
We may improve this in the future.”