Opt-out checkbox not visible

When I include the opt-out shortcode on my wordpress page, there is no checkbox visible. When clicking on the label after the (invisible) checkbox, the state changes. But I would still need to have the checkbox. Any ideas why this is happening?


Can you check your browsers developer tools for errors?
Are you using WP-Matomo or the Matomo wordpress plugin?
Can you maybe send me the URL to the page where the opt-out doesn’t work.

Hi Lukas,

I installed the Wordpress Plugin directly from the Wordpress Backend.
Please see the opt-out section at the bottom of this page: https://unser-land.nrw/en/data-protection


The CSS of the website (frontend.style.css:565) contains these lines:

input {
  -webkit-appearance: none;
  -moz-appearance: none;

They tell the browser that the checkpox should not be rendered by the browser (e.g. if you want to draw your own boxes) and therefore they are invisible.

Without knowing the reason for those lines, I think the least invasive way to fix this is to update it to input:not(#matomo_optout_checkbox).

Great, that was the problem! The CSS lines came per default with the theme, which is strange because it really doesn’t make any sense…

Thanks for your quick help!

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