Opt-in matomo cookie blocking by real cookie banner plugin

Hi, I like to use Matomo on my wordpress website as a plugin including (!) the setting of cookies. Therefore I need to give users of my website an Opt-in choice to disable the cookie setting. I have installed the Real Cookie Banner plugin and for the payed version the settings for Matomo are preinstalled. But for the free version I use I need to do the configuration on the services (cookie) and content blocker pages by myself and my questions are:

  • Does there a description of the right procedure for this exist somewhere on the internet like it exists for Google Analytics?
  • for the services (cookie) page of Real Cookie banner plugin what to write?:
    name: matomo analyics, group: analytics, provider:?; cookie type: HTML, technical Cookie name: pk_ses and pk_id ???,
  • for the content blocker page of the Real Cookie banner plugin:
    what URLs to be blocked: myhomepagename(example)/matomo ???