Ops ...there is a problem

sorry guys I’ve a problem. i paste a simple image that can help you to understand me and find out the problem…

Hi @enzoibanez
Can you have a look in the Apache and Matomo errors log files?

where can i find error log?

Hi @enzoibanez
Can you change the log level to Error instead of All?

Hi @enzoibanez
It seems your MySQL server cannot be reached some times…
Mysql Server has gone away
Have a look at these different solutions:

I’ve write to my host service and it answer me like that:

The MYSQL server is configured with a wait_timeout of 180. This means that an idle connection will be closed by the MYSQL server after 180 seconds, and this action generates the reported error message.

MYSQL requires setting a value for this setting because the idle time cannot be infinite, and applications need to reconnect when disconnected from MYSQL.

In a shared hosting environment, this setting is also necessary because the number of connections to MYSQL is a limited resource shared by all the websites configured on the server instance.

If a specific application requires a longer idle time, you can set the session variable as follows:


Additionally, the CPanel service order [1] requires that queries do not last longer than 15 seconds:

2.2.4 - Server and Platform Resources

• Execute queries on the database that do not exceed 15 seconds.

Is this conversation helpful so far?

Hi @enzoibanez
I don’t know, as in Matomo example 28800 is set then 8 hours!
Did you try also to play with other parameters ?
Also, I imagine probably reports are built on the fly… That will consume huge resources, and because of the number of reports to be displayed, these resources are consumed high… in parallel !
Did you configure the data archiving by CRON instead of by browser?

Hi @enzoibanez
Very strange, the problem occurs before the 15 seconds timeout…
Is the server overloaded?
You did not reply to:

CRON can be set up and browser archiving also still enabled!

Does the CRON works sometimes ?
How many websites / visits / actions / segments do you track / use?