Only Super Users Can Login

Hello, I’m having some issues with user management.

I had a search of the forums couldn’t find anything on the problem but apologies if it’s a re-post.

I have an install with 2 super users and 5 regular users. Since updating Piwik to 2.16.1 only Super Users can login and Regular Users get a error message which states they need Super User access to view the content.

The user permissions seem to be set correctly in that the 5 Regular Users all have ‘view’ access. I have also tried to toggle some of them from ‘View’ to ‘Admin’ too but this has made no difference.

The two super user accounts have no issues. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas what it may be?

Thanks in advance

I believe I have solved it.

It’s an issue when non superuser usernames have ‘.’ in. For example joe.bloggs. joebloggs works fine.

Perhaps this could be added to a bugs list?

Hi there,

Could you please create a bug report on Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub and explain us how to reproduce the issue? we will investigate & fix it, thank you.