Only localhost is added to the statistics[solved+a suggestion for improvement]

Hi there!
piwik is an awesome project.
I have an issue.
piwik runs on an ubuntu 10 machine with Apache2.2.16, php 5.3 and mysql 5.*

I inserted the tracking code in the index.php which is created in /var/www to show that apache2 is working.
piwik and the index.php are on the same machine.

When I visit the index.php page from my own machine, using my external address,
I get inserted into the statistics, but when I access index.php from another machine, I get ignored, no client information is inserted.

The installation went fine.
only problem was a warning associated with curl and write-access to the folder for one-click update.

the entire piwik-folder was put in group www-data, executionpriviledges for folders and files in piwik/ were granted to that group.
piwik has informations for mysql-user with sufficiant priviledges for the particular table.

Does anyone have any information on how to solve this?



I found the problem.
When you enter the IP-Address and it happes to be the same for piwik, it is replaced by localhost.
Usually this never happens since the server and the developers Desktop are 2 different machines, but every once in a while…
so my suggestion is : use the ipaddress given and not the localhost substitute.