Only internal visits being tracked


We are trying to use Piwik to track traffic to our main application website. At one point it was working fine. At some point around September it stopped recording external data and now only records internal hits on the application site. (The person who used Piwik was on leave and I took over the sysadmin role in December so we just discovered the issue.)

Any idea on where I can start my troubleshooting? The Piwik server is running on a different server than the web server we are monitoring. The only possible changes that I can see affecting it is the firewall was replaced (not sure if it was around that time or not) and there may have been a redirect set up so all external web traffic hits another server and then is redirected to the web server in question. This was my first thought, but I think this would have been changed in November. I’m looking into this further now to verify it is set up this way and when it was done.


I verified that there is no redirect from another web server. There is a short url redirection that points to the server but the vast majority of the web traffic is hitting the server directly.