One user is not present in DB tables, but his requests are in Apache logs

Hi there,

I am a newbie here, I tried to find an answer to a problem I am having and I was unable to find any helpful information.

I have a user that when logged in is not recorded in db tables and his info is not showing up in the Matomo GUI and Visitor logs. But I can see his requests in the Apache log. Other users that log in to the same site are recorded just fine. Any suggestions as to where to look to determine what causes the problem?

Thank you.


There are tons of reasons:

  • They don’t execute Javascript or have Javascript disabled or are a bot that doesn’t have a browser engine
  • They use an adblocker or something similar to block Matomo
  • They have opt out of your tracking in the opt-out iFrame
  • They have enabled DoNotTrack and Matomo respects this

Hi Lucas,

It was very helpful.
Thank you.