One piwik site, tracking different domains


i am trying to setup piwik for multiple blogs.

i have piwik successfully installed one one domain and i plan to add all my blogs, including ones from different ips and seperate domains to this one main “piwik” domain (which one does piwik tracking).

is this possible?

i know when setting up piwik, we are supposed to place “Piwik will issue you with a JavaScript tag. This tag must appear on every page you want Piwik to analyze. We recommend that you put this code just before your at the bottom of your pages (or in a general “footer” file that is included at the bottom of your pages).”

however, i don’t know if i have set it up right. when setting up googel analytics, it shows a green light or something when the javascipt is placed and is detecting.

how do i know it’s setup correctly?