One piwik server - several apache hosts - logfile analysis only


Hi folks,

so far I’m running awstats on several servers - one instance on every server where apache is running.

I’m doing and needing (passive) log file analysis only, i.e. no js code and so on.

Now I’m thinking about replacing awstats by piwik. But, I’d just like to run only one piwik server which should collect and read the logfiles of all apache hosts I’m running on serveral other physical servers. I know and tested reading these log files into piwik manually.

But, what’s the best way to collect all the apache log files, put them into a special directory on the piwik server itself an then read it into piwik.

Any suggestions? Best practice? How-to? Or would you suggest a totally other approch?

Any help would be geatly appreciated!



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

That’s a good question. There are solutions to gather all logs in one place etc. maybe use logrotate ?