One-page Website - Best Practice

(VarySoft) #1


first let me say this is a really cool software, it worked out of the box on a “regular” website … :wink:

But on a “one-page-websites” mit internal anchors, I can’t get it to work properly. I played around with custom JavaScript functions and I am able to fire a logging with an onclick event and so on.
But this can’t be the proper solution, cause these “one-page-websites” became very popular and I can’t imagine that everybody programs custom functions … :wink:
So there must be a “official” (and better) way to do this.

How do I log on a “one-page-website” when visitors scroll from one anchor to the next ? What is the best-practice for this matter ?

Thanks !

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

We are hoping to write a guide for this, see our ticket @ Write a guide for tracking single page applications · Issue #90 · matomo-org/developer-documentation · GitHub

feel free to comment there with your tips or questions!