One main website - tracking subfolders and dispatch in several piwik websites


Hi everyone,

I am new in Piwik and like this solution.

Here is the context :

I have one website and then “subspaces”, each subspace has its own admin.

1 - I would like to have a global view on all subspaces, so I created a piwik website and added the corresponding tracking code on the footer, that is the same one on the whole website (including all subspaces). It works, Piwik is collecting data.

2 - I would want each subspace admin to have a view on its space.

 Ex: My website is, the first subspace is "sub1", the "sub1" admin must be able to view all datas of this subspace only.

My question is : Is it possible to have only one tracking code that would dispatch data in several “websites” declared in Piwik ?
Is it possible to do something like that :



Also, I dont know if I must do something for this :

It would be great if someone could help me !

Thanks to all, hoping this was understandable, sorry for my english :S !