One-click update



We have an installation of Piwik inside our corporate network for use with our intranet. As it’s inside our network, the one-click update doesn’t work.

I’ve looked through the documentation and can’t seem to see details of what internet URLS/ports our server would need access to in order to get this working?

Can anyone help?



(Tassoman) #2

Hello Adam,
if your company runs an HTTP Proxy, you need to edit file.
For further instructions, read inside file.



We do run an HTTP proxy, however I couldn’t seem to get the proxy settings to work correctly in config.ini.php.

Our proxy returned an error message, but I could only see the first few characters of the message, so found it hard to debug.

For example, when trying to view the marketplace to select a new plugin:

"There was an error reading the response from the Marketplace: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 St. Please try again later.”

The alternative is to open up our corporate firewall to allow direct access from our Piwik server to specific domain names/IPs and ports on the intranet. We’d need a specific list of domains/IPs and ports to be able to do this though.

Any help with either opening up through our firewall, or help with debugging our proxy issue is much appreciated.



(Matthieu Aubry) #4

See also this FAQ to configure outgoing proxy Piwik doesn't show me when new updates are available, and the SEO plugin doesn't work. - Analytics Platform - Matomo