Once more ...No data has been recorded yet

Hello there,

We’ve just started my analytics configuration with the following:

website to be analyzed: https://laplace.house + wp-piwik plugin
website with a self hosted matomo: https://laplace.house/visit

We followed the standard installation and setting procedure.(we’re not pros)

So now, after a while, matomo doesn’t record any visits at all.

And at the console we get the screen with:
“No data has been recorded yet”

We only want to see how our site is visited.

As we want to avoid google analytics we’re frustrated.

Thks for help.


Hi Lukas,
If you inspect your website with CTRL + SHIFT + i you will see under the tab Network that there are a couple of issues that’s need to be solved. On of them is that the Matomo.js file is not reached because of a 503-error.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Peter,

We restart from scratch, it seems correct and now the dashboard appears as usual.

Now we access the site pages but nothing is recorded (only one from USA) even after a while.
where are we wrong ?

Now at the console we have a 400 (bad request) from laplace.house/visit/matomo.php.

So, now we really don’t know what’s going.

Any idea thx


Hi Lukas,

Perhaps this ticket is related: