OK to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.8?


We’re still running 2.1. Do we need to upgrade step by step from 2.1, to 2.2, to 2.3 … to 2.8 or can we jump from 2.1 to 2.8 or 2.8.1 that was released today?

Thank you

You can upgrade in one jump.

You should make a backup copy of the database as well as the current version 2.1 Piwik installation so that you can revert if necessary.

Be sure to copy the file “config/config.ini.php” from the old installation to the new, and set all file and directory permissions to 755, except the “/tmp” and “/config” directories, which should be set to 777. Do this before you launch the newly installed Piwik.

You’ll be asked to log in, and then you will need to let Piwik upgrade the database.

Once Piwik 2.8.1 is running, you can set the directory and file permissions of the “/config” directory to 755.

Thank you, we’ll try that today. We were on pace and upgrading with every release from 1.3 on to 2.1, but then took a break.

You should definitely try the upgrade on a separate development domain first! If possible, use a local VM where you can start the upgrade over and over again with a snapshot instead of having to restore a database dump.

In my experience, you will have problems on each update, especially when upgrading from a quite old version.