OK to solicit paid help with Piwik Server Problem?

I setup a Piwik server and sites to hide the server URL: How do I setup Piwik to track multiple websites without revealing the Piwik server URL footprint which appears in the Javascript code in all websites? - Analytics Platform - Piwik

Website speed is very important to me. While Google Analytics only takes 50 to100 msec in the waterfall at web speed test sites like webpagetest.org, the two calls to my Piwik Server take over 2 seconds. I’d like to get some help with this issue, and I would like to see if anyone here, a fellow Piwik user, wants to work on the issue for me for a fee. Is it OK for me to post such a request?


If you want to get paid support, maybe contact InnoCraft (https://www.innocraft.com) the company of the creators of Piwik.

Other than that: Are you sure the Piwik requests are slowing down your site? They are loaded deferred and asynchron, so they should only start loading after the site has finished loading and is usable.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’d prefer to get help from someone who uses Piwik. Just like on Freelancer there are lots of people who will help you for a fee with GA, I was hoping to find someone who understands PIwik and would help me. Unfortunately, as Piwik is not a popular as GA, I haven’t found success on FL. I thought I might find someone here.


Let’s try to solve it here first. Tell us about your infrastructure, how big is your audience, the way you installed piwik and how far is your server from your public. In this you way you save some money and with lucky, we will have a solution useful for the others.


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