Often missing data in reports

(Melissa Avery-Weir) #1

Howdy folks!

I’m having a problem in which my piwik setup is often missing information in the reports. For the last 2 weeks, I haven’t seen any referrer data when looking at the dashboard widget or any of the referrer-specific pages. Referrer information is coming in, though – I see it in the live log and visitors log, and it’s in the piwik_log_visit table. Intermittently, other reports will go empty for a given period. Sometimes it’s visits, sometimes it’s events, etc.

Right now, it’s consistently referrer information, plus the intermittent loss of other data on the reports.

Here’s some info on my setup:

  • 9 sites are set up
  • Only 2-3 of these sites gets more than ~200 visits on any given day
  • Running on a VPS with 1GB of RAM total, and PHP 5.4’s memory limit at 512 MB
  • Cron job runs every hour, currently with --force-all-websites
  • Browser-based archiving is turned off
  • The config setting to really force browser-based archiving to be off is set
  • The system check page is all green
  • I have no php or web server errors logged other than missing /misc/user/favicon.png and /misc/user/logo.png.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Removing February’s DB tables and reprocessing the reports with the modified archive command from How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo (I’ll note this is also a problem in January, but I wanted to work with the smaller data set.)
  • Switching from nginx to Apache and back (I prefer nginx, but got desperate)
  • Turning off xcache
  • Clearing piwik’s tmp directory
  • Reuploading all piwik files to the server
  • Disabling all 3rd party plugins (which only included TasksTimetable, needed for Scheduled email reports not sending in 2.9.1 · Issue #6868 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub)
  • Accessing the data in the browser via the API; it was still empty.

What am I missing here? I’ve been using Piwik since 2010, so I’m worried I have a bit of familiarity-based blindness when I read the FAQs/forums/bugs.


(Melissa Avery-Weir) #2

I’ve resolved this issue as part of a different/related issue. Scheduled email reports not sending in 2.9.1 · Issue #6868 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub has most of the details.