Offering Piwik as a service


I am interested in offering Piwik as a service, I would be interested to the potential of offering this as a service to my clients to track and manage their stats but have a few questions.

1, With regards to licensing, can I charge a service fee for use of it to cover the server(s) costs? Eg user pays £1/month and I host and maintain the system on my servers?

2, does piwik include the functionality for User comes to site -> Signs up -> adds their sites or would it be necessary to manually/via API add users/websites


  1. Yes.

  2. No. Use Piwik’s API to implement the “Sign Up” / “Register” on your backend.

Note that there is a ticket for this:
and if you work on it, we would be happy to include this in core and support it officially!

I just tried out the plugin for signing up that was attached to the ticket by “mauser” and it appears to work. You’ll need to edit two files but it seems to work fine. I’ll try to update this as more users try it out.

If anyone out there wants to try it out on my site, here is the signup url:



I tried to run the signup.patch and it told me it stopped in the middle and the file only contained garbage. Anyone run into this?

what do you mean by run? the patch has some edits that you need to do manually I think or at least that is how I did it.

You can run the patch command on the command line. How did you do it manually?

i just editted the two files list in the patch file manually.