# of Users & Premium Plugins

(Zachary) #1

Hi there,

We have numerous upgraded features that we pay an annual fee for. The White Label upgrade is what we were particularly interested in to provide the ability for our major corporate subscribers to view statistics pertaining to their numerous users. With that being said, there are numerous upgrade options for features that tends to revolve around the number of users. For each one of our corporate subscribers, we need to make a new user. With the white label, we are going to need to upgrade to allow more than four users; that is a realization we understand. However, it appears we have to upgrade all of our other premium features as well, even if we aren’t using them in conjunction to the white label upgrade feature and all corporate users set up. Basically, it seems like everything is tied together. Maybe this is the case, I’m not sure. For example, we also are also using the UsersFlow plugin, which we don’t need for each one of our corporate accounts with separate user credentials. My only guess is all these upgrade features are available to all users and we can’t select what accounts we want these plugins to be used for, and which ones we don’t. I hope this rambling makes sense and I appreciate any assistance that can be provided. Thanks.

(Jason) #2

Hi Zachary,

You will have to upgrade all of you plugins for the amount of users you have on your instance. We have a guide here: https://shop.matomo.org/subscription-guide/