Odd Piwik Statistics

(arianb) #1

Hi all, I’m having a really weird problem with Piwik 1.0 and perhaps this forum can help me figure out what’s going on.

At Science 2.0 (www.science20.com/) we use Piwik for tracking hits to each user’s articles, but only really for that purpose. We have other statistics tracking software that we use for the full site itself. This means that we have a large number of “Sites” setup in Piwik, one for each user, and each one gets tracked separately. So far, so good, until earlier today when some of our numbers started going off:

To help users make more sense of their visits, I’ve changed the visit time configuration value to 1 second (since they only really care about page view, not the unique visitors that Piwik tracks by default). I think this is causing some problems, though, because Piwik’s statistics as of today are much lower than they were before, and visits and page views are always the same in Live Visitors (which has an interesting problem with the “Today” column always showing 0, even as the “Last 30 minutes” one increases).

We’re on a dedicated server, LAMP stack, using Drupal. I’ve checked and the embed code is correct; it’s the same one that’s been working for a couple of weeks now.

Thoughts? Is there any way in default Piwik 1.0 to get an evolution graph of page views, not unique visits? Didn’t seem there in the options when I looked.