Obtain list of users for specific page URL

I use API call to obtain how many users visit the specific page.

http://rwsvw-matomo/index.php?date=yesterday&idSite=1&method=Actions.getPageUrl&module=API&period=day&pageUrl=https://intranet.wsgr.com/KnowledgeManagement.aspx (+extra params)

It properly shows nb_visits, nb_hits and other info.

I also can get complete list of intranet domain users.

Can you help me to built a request to breakdown nb_visits, so I will get the list of the users for the specific page URL?

Something like this:


Is that even possible?

I tried to build my own plugin/widget, but it seems an overkill for that request.

I also tried to build a SELECT statement in MySQL, but again, it’s a very steep learning curve for me.

Thank you,