Number of visits, visitors reduce about 2 times after upgraded to version 2.0.2 :S


Please help me understand why number of visits, number of visitors of all my websites reduce about 2 time after upgraded to version 2.x? Below is the data table of several days showing that visits of a website counted by version 1.12 is higher than version 2.0.2.

I used Google Analytics to check again the data calculated by Piwik. It shows that the data of Google is equivalent with data of Piwik v1.12. It means that the data of v1.12 may be the correct one.

But data calculated by Piwik v2.0.2 is only about 1/2 of Piwik v1.12. The configuration file is the same (I didnot change anything in config.ini.php).

A in the table below is Piwik 2.0.2, installed on machine 1 (it is a upgraded version of Piwik 1.12 to 2.0.2). B is also Piwik 2.0.2, installed on machine 2 (B is a fresh new installation of Piwik 2.0.2). C is Piwik 1.12, installed on machine 2 (C is also a fresh new installation, but of Piwik 1.12).

As you can see, number of visitors (or pageviews) of A and B are nearly same (I wonder also why they are not equal?), but A (or B ) is only about 1/2 of C.

What’s wrong here? Is there any changements in the way that Piwik 2.x calculates the number of visits/visitors?

Date A (Analytics 2.0.2) B (v2.0.2) C (v1.12)
visitor pageview visitor pageview visitor pageview
30/12/2013 31292 50860 30057 51945 56200 96328
31/12/2013 29598 46425 28418 47870 53045 89692
01/01/2014 26110 40631 25221 42117 47439 79502
02/01/2014 6304 8911 6144 10317 11036 19024

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Check that DoNotTrack is disabled in the settings. Otherwise there was no changes in Piwik 2.0 in the way visits are tracked, it is the same algorithm… Can you notice some patterns in the missing data ? For example special pages, parts of hte websites, or particular browsers, etc. ?


Thank you for your fast reply.

I checked in Settings and DoNotTrack is currently enabled, in all of 3 Piwik A, B, C.

I’ve changed this to be disabled in A to see if there’ll be something new.

That’s very strange because B and C are new fresh installation of Piwik 2.0.2 and 1.12 respectively, but number of visits/visitors of B is much lower than of C (nearly 1/2).

Show me how I get visit log from DB? I’ll make a comparison and show you to see if there’s something wrong in logging/capturing visited URLs.



i had nearly the same Problem during an update from 1.12 to 2.02 .

The data in 1.12 seems to be valid to a few comparsions to Google Analytics. But after the upgrade all of the accounts in piwik had differing data in the reports to 1.12. Confusing was that the data in the charts was exactly the same like in 1.12 ? How could that be?!?

Seems to me that there is a problem by 2.02 to accumulate or extract the data for the reports?



As you can see in the image below, since the day I upgraded (19 Dec), the Visits over time decreases, about half.

Still don’t know why? configuration doesnot be changed. Even I installed 2 new Piwiks (v1.12 and v2.0.2) on other server, the Visits of v2.0.2 is also much smaller which of v1.12.

I also compared with Google Analytics, Visits of v1.12 is more closer than v2.0.2 (means that the calculation of v2.0.2 has problem).

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What about pageviews tracking? do you notice particular page views that are not tracked anymore?

or is it only the visit count that is different?


You can see the table on the first post, which I post again below, the pageviews calculated by Piwik 2.0.2 is also much lower than 1.12 (about 1/2 times).

Don’t know if something arenot tracked or the calculation has problem.

Today, we have to restore the DB of 19 Dec 2013 and setup the Piwik v1.12 again, lose statistics of 3 weeks :expressionless:

By the way, if we import IIS Log files of previous days (19 Dec, 20 Dec…) using python script, is it ok to have again statistics of previous days?

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Yes if you import data from previous days it will import correctly in piwik (to process them run the archive.php script at least once: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo


same here: after update to v2 the pagevisits dropped half for no reason. also we have no days with zero visits from normally around 800 per day.


You should upgrade to Piwik 2.3 to resolve this problem.

We are 2.3 and now it’s ok.


Tried that without success.
Now I installed a complete new instance and everything is fine - beside that all data from the past 2 years are dumped…

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beside that all data from the past 2 years are dumped…

you should still be able to keep the data when migrating Piwik to a new server or instance: I want to migrate Piwik and move it to a new domain or a new subdomain URL, with the same MySQL server. How should I proceed? - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Hi Matt,

you should still be able to keep the data when migrating Piwik to a new server or instance

yeah, but i was a bit concerned migrating the error as well. whatever, those 1GB of data is gone.



I’ve been using PIWIK for more than a year and was satisfied with all features. I always upgrade to the newest version using auto update and never has any problem except last one (

After the last update, “Visits over time” dropped same as reported above. Also i found that “Returning Visitors” going to 1 visits only everyday. However other data like “Ecommerce” did not show any problem.

Please help



I found the problem on my piwik. I use opencart, and apparently there is something wrong with the new vqmod file.
When i copy the old xml, verything back to normal.

Note: I download the new vqmod from github (dont remember the link)



Same thing here, visits dropped by 30% since

Before this update, Piwik visits lamost matched google analytics visits.

Not anymore, Piwik show 30-40% less visits than google analytics :frowning:

I am on prestashop with official Piwik module.

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Did you have visits coming from spammer domains, e.g. or etc? In newer version there are anti-spam tools (that don’t exist in Google Analytics), which could explain the difference.