Number found in Page title different from Live.getVisitDetails API


One of our client is using the API Live.getVisitDetails to export data and use it in it’s BI tool. When he is comparing with the data from the page title (one of the metric he wants) he does not give him the same number.
Example from the 28th of April of that year request of the API in python:

import json
import requests

response = json.loads(requests.get("https://<my_server>/index.php?module=API&method=Live.getLastVisitsDetails&idSite=<id>&period=day&date=2023-04-28&filter_limit=-1&format=JSON&token_auth=<token>").content)

for visit in  response:
   for actionDetail in visit['actionDetails']:
      if actionDetail.has_key('pageTitle') and actionDetail['pageTitle'] == '<My awesome title>':
         print(actionDetail['serverTimePretty']+' ', datetime.fromtimestamp(actionDetail['timestamp']))

From that it gets 8777 pageviews where in the page title datatable it gets 9776.
The API of Actions.getPageTitles get also 9776.

No data has been deleted in the raw data. I believed the getVisitDetails was all the raw data. How is it possible that it’s missing so much pages ? If it was the opposite I’ld say it’s because that month archiving wasn’t good but here the archived one is bigger.

Any news about my question ?