Now online widget


Live! widget is great, but i want to see one more widget: “now online”.

In live! we see “visits in last 30 minutes”. Can you please add “Visits in last 5 minutes” and it will be equal to “visitors online”

And widget, what will show only wis number with header “visitors online” or “visitors on site”

Here’s the post that is currently dealing with this topic: 301 Moved Permanently

Yes, i need that too :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think that i need that :slight_smile:

After further researching the idea, I discovered that you can use the Live! API to attain the “current online users”.

Use the Live.getCounters request to get the total users within the last 5 minutes (or shorter if you prefer). Documentation found here:

This isn’t necessarily a widget, per se, but with a little tech-smarts, you can use the response from this call to represent your total users online.

Is this a good tool and we can give up to statistics, it seems very interesting. I am the webmaster of and I hope to implement this widget. thanks