Notice - Undefined index: idsite

We’re seeing the below errors in our logs from Matomo.

WARNING ProtectTrackID[2021-05-26 23:45:02 UTC] [7807] /var/www/plugins/ProtectTrackID/ProtectTrackID.php(136): Notice - Undefined index: idsite - Matomo 4.3.1 - Please report this message in the Matomo forums: (please do a search first as it might have been reported already) #0/plugins/ProtectTrackID/ProtectTrackID.php(136),[internal function]: Piwik\Plugins\ProtectTrackID\ProtectTrackID->unhashId(),#2/core/EventDispatcher.php(141),#3/core/Piwik.php(809),#4/core/Tracker/Request.php(586),#5/core/Tracker/Request.php(596),#6/core/Tracker/Visit.php(106),#7/core/Tracker/Visit.php(149),#8/core/Tracker.php(160),#9/plugins/QueuedTracking/Queue/Processor/Handler.php(50)

I can’t match that to any visitors at the same time.

What would cause such an error?


The error occurs in the ProtectTrackID which is not maintained by the Matomo team, so the best way is probably to report this to the author (ideally with more details about what you were doing and your setup):

Weirdly enough the line 136 doesn’t correspond to the error, so maybe also make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin and the file looks like this:

This might also be caused by a tracking request that is sent without a &siteid for whatever reason.